The multi-talented Wilma gracefully transforms energies of stages and rooms with a pure sense of passion. Experience reaching to the corners of the world, through the lengths of classical, acoustic and electronic music and nearly 25 years of devotion to her art - the cello.

Cultivating a life on stage, Wilma began learning piano at just 5 years old and cello at the tender age of 7, trained strictly in classical music. By the time she hit 15 years old she had completed two music performance diplomas and was touring with multiple orchestras before she had even graduated high school. This adolescent period is the foundation on which her colourful career was built.

Fresh out of high school, Wilma was scouted for electric string trio Maske, where global touring became a norm, performing in USA, UAE, India, South-East Asia, Portugal, Mexico and the Caribbean as well as consistently throughout Australia. Maske shows embodied eclectic energies tailored to different styles of events, which Wilma would adapt with ease. Such performances led to caressing her instrument on her feet with precision, in cleanly executed choreographed shows, as opposed to the traditional seated position of a cellist. Corporate events, private parties, clubs and international t.v shows were graced by Maske, a project of which Wilma is infrequently still a part of today.

In 2009 Wilma was based abroad, obtaining a contract with Turkish pop/rockstar Emre Aydin, an MTV Europe Music Award winning artist. Performing at an array of impressive venues and t.v spots throughout Turkey and Greece, the band’s and Wilma’s biggest performances were to festival crowds of up to 30,000.

The years following her return to Australia involved exploration into the extended offerings of sound. Wilma gained her Bachelor Degree in Film And Television specialising in Sound Design at Bond University, mastering skills and knowledge deeper and more involved than just performance. During this time the enthusiastic student was captivated by the unrestrained emotional productions of Danish artist Trentemøller and so Wilma delved into electronica, deep house and techno for the first time…

Following the completion of her degree, Wilma migrated to Europe full time to continue her inspired odyssey. Calling London home for the better part of three years, the freelance cellist flowed within coinciding cultures of performance, classical and electronic music, luring her throughout Europe, on cruise ships sailing the coast of Africa and to DJing in world renowned clubs such as EGG London and Ministry Of Sound.

Returning to Brisbane once again in 2017, Wilma focused on DJing and live/DJ collaboration projects, namely APRÓ & Wilma, billed at iconic Australian festivals including Earth Frequency and Rabbits Eat Lettuce. September 2018 brought forth the next step in her dynamic pilgrimage - Burning Man festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert played host to six live/DJ solo performances by Wilma. The unrestrained nature of the event meant that Wilma could truly explore the chasms of her own self expression, a discipline that grounds the essence of her current and future output.

In present day Wilma devotes her time passionately to freelance cellist work in a range of corporate/private event offerings, driving her solo electronic guise within the deep house and techno genres and collaborating with affiliated artists.

Wilma’s accomplished background as a seasoned entertainer and musician ensures appropriate and impressive delivery, though the aspect of extraordinary is a human that truly lives and breathes the music.


From sophisticated background sounds through to high-intensity, high-impact classical and pop, Wilma is an experienced and diverse live performer able to adapt to a wide variety of applications.

Musical selection can be customised to suit the vibe and feel of any event, whether it’s solo, in collaboration with other musicians or in conjunction with dancers and performance artists in a wide variety of fields.

Available now for bookings now for weddings, functions, dinner parties and luncheons, awards and opening ceremonies, private parties, product launches, sporting events, art shows, festivals, concerts and more.


Fusing powerful, emotive live cello with formidable DJ skills, Wilma’s act is unlike anything else in the global electronic music scene.

Armed with a sound that encompasses the full gamut of the house and techno spectrum, Wilma has found her way onto the line-ups of some of Australia and the world’s biggest and most respected festivals and clubs.

Outside her own solo shows, she’s ready and willing to collaborate with other artists from any field, whether it’s live on stage to add an extra dynamic to any set, through to work in the studio as a session musician and composer.




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